FreeMotion Resistance Motor – 193223


  • Part Number: 193223
  • Fits Various FreeMotion Ellipticals and Bikes
  • Models Listed Below in Description


Fits these FreeMotion Models: 

SFEL160110 SFEL160111 SFEL160112 SFEL512130 SFEL512131 SFEL514120 SFEL514121 SFEL514122 SFEL514124 SFEL516130 SFEL516132 SFEL580141 SFEL580142 SFEL580143 SFEL599130 SFEL599131 SFEL712131 SFEL715130 SFEL715131 SFEL719130 SFEL719131 SFEL71914-INT0 SFEVEL137132 SFEVEX807130 SFEVEX807131 SFEX040120 SFEX040121 SFEX040122 SFEX040124 SFEX040140 SFEX040141 SFEX050113 SFEX050140 SFEX050141 SFEX138120 SFEX138121 SFEX580120 SMEL160110 

Additional information

Weight 7.0 oz
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 3 in


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