| FreeMotion Power Supply – HARDWIRED


  • Part Number: 031229
  • 8 Feet Cord Length
  • Cord Configuration – 3 Connector with: 2 Quick Connects, 1 Ground Ring
  • Fits Various FREEMOTION Treadmill Models
  • Models Listed Below in Description


Works on these FreeMotion Treadmill Models:

SFCCEL160102 SFCTL189090 SFEL112100 SFEL160090 SFEL160091 SFEL160093 SFEL160095 SFEL160100 SFEL160101 SFEL709100 SFTL125100 SFTL125101 SFTL125102 SFTL130100 SFTL135120 SFTL135130 SFTL135132 SFTL135133 SFTL135134 SFTL135135 SFTL135136 SFTL155100 SFTL155101 SFTL155102 SFTL155120 SFTL155121 SFTL155130 SFTL155132 SFTL155133 SFTL155134 SFTL155135 SFTL179110 SFTL189092 SFTL189093 SFTL189101 SFTL195110 SFTL195111 SFTL195112 SFTL195130 SFTL195131 SFTL195132 SFTL195133 SFTL195134 SFTL195135 SFTL195136 SFTL195137 SFTL195138 SFTL195140 SFTL195141 SFTL195142 SFTL195143 SFTL205120 SFTL205121 SFTL278083 SFTL295140 SFTL295144 SFTL579150 SFTL812131 SFTL812132 SFTL814130 SFTL814132 SFTL815070 SFTL819130 SFTL819131 SFTL822070 SFTL822071 SFTL898100 SFTL995140 SFTL995141 SFTL995142 SFTL995150 SMTL179110 SMTL189090 ,

Additional information

Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 2 in


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