| HealthRider Power Supply – HARDWIRED


  • Part Number: 031229
  • 8 Feet Cord Length
  • Cord Configuration – 3 Connector with: 2 Quick Connects, 1 Ground Ring
  • Fits Various HealthRider Treadmill Models
  • Models Listed Below in Description


Fit’s these HealthRider Models:

HCTL06190 HCTL07120 HCTL10910 HCTL24570 HCTL71830 HCTL71831 HMTL075080 HMTL399061 HMTL578080 HMTL796080 HREL598090 HREL598091 HREL598092 HREL598093 HREL598094 HREL599090 HREL599091 HREL599092 HREL599093 HRTL0591R0 HRTL06190 HRTL07120 HRTL075080 HRTL08010 HRTL08011 HRTL08012 HRTL085080 HRTL085081 HRTL08980 HRTL09990 HRTL09991 HRTL10910 HRTL10911 HRTL10980 HRTL10982 HRTL115101 HRTL12910 HRTL12911 HRTL12990 HRTL12991 HRTL12992 HRTL12993 HRTL12994 HRTL12995 HRTL13910 HRTL13911 HRTL145080 HRTL14900 HRTL14910 HRTL14911 HRTL14912 HRTL14980 HRTL14981 HRTL16900 HRTL16990 HRTL16991 HRTL16992 HRTL16993 HRTL17980 HRTL17981 HRTL195090 HRTL19900 HRTL19910 HRTL19911 HRTL19912 HRTL19913 HRTL19980 HRTL19981 HRTL19990 HRTL20010 HRTL205101 HRTL21470 HRTL24570 HRTL24571 HRTL249120 HRTL26970 HRTL29970 HRTL29971 HRTL29972 HRTL343060 HRTL343061 HRTL343062 HRTL592150 HRTL615100 HRTL615101 HRTL615102 HRTL615103 HRTL617060 HRTL617061 HRTL717060 HRTL717061 HRTL71830 HRTL771050 HRTL785090 HRTL805100 HRTL805101 HRTL805102 HRTL805110 HRTL894060 HRTL894061 HRTL894062 HRTL900100 HRTL917060 HRTL995100 HRTL995101 HRT07920 HRT07921 HRT12920 HRT15920 HRT99020 HRT99021 HTL13940 HTL15940 HTL93940 

Additional information

Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 2 in


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