| Image Power Supply – HARDWIRED


  • Part Number: 031229
  • 8 Feet Cord Length
  • Cord Configuration – 3 Connector with: 2 Quick Connects, 1 Ground Ring
  • Fits Various IMAGE Treadmill Models
  • Models Listed Below in Description


Fits these Image Treadmill Models:

ICTL14070 IMTL07610 IMTL07611 IMTL07800 IMTL07900 IMTL079050 IMTL079051 IMTL099050 IMTL10250 IMTL10251 IMTL10252 IMTL10253 IMTL10450 IMTL10452 IMTL10650 IMTL10651 IMTL10652 IMTL10653 IMTL10654 IMTL11080 IMTL11081 IMTL11900 IMTL11901 IMTL119050 IMTL11990 IMTL11991 IMTL11992 IMTL11993 IMTL11994 IMTL11995 IMTL11997 IMTL12070 IMTL12071 IMTL12072 IMTL12900 IMTL12901 IMTL12902 IMTL13991 IMTL13992 IMTL14070 IMTL14071 IMTL14072 IMTL14270 IMTL14900 IMTL14901 IMTL14902 IMTL15990 IMTL15991 IMTL15992 IMTL15993 IMTL19370 IMTL19371 IMTL19372 IMTL19900 IMTL19901 IMTL19902 IMTL19903 IMTL1990 CS0 IMTL225060 IMTL22990 IMTL22991 IMTL22992 IMTL22993 IMTL24490 IMTL292120 IMTL305100 IMTL315040 IMTL39526 IMTL39620 IMTL41530 IMTL41531 IMTL515040 IMTL515041 IMTL715040 IMTL93040 IMTL941062 IMTL95150 IMTL99000 IMTL99001 IMTL99600 IM349100 IM349101 IM349200 IM349201 IM349230 IM391010 IM391011 IM392010 IM392011 IM392012 IM392230 IM393310 IM393510 IM393511 IM393512 IM393513 IM971030 IM971031 IM973030 IM977030 

Additional information

Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 2 in


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