| Weslo Power Supply – HARDWIRED


  • Part Number: 031229
  • 8 Feet Cord Length
  • Cord Configuration – 3 Connector with: 2 Quick Connects, 1 Ground Ring
  • Fits Various WESLO Treadmill Models
  • Models Listed Below in Description


Fits these WESLO Treadmill Models:

WBTL136080 WBTL146080 WCTL29322 WCTL295090 WCTL313130 WCTL39320 WCTL413050 WCTL413051 WCTL89040 WCTL92040 WCTL94240 WLTL045090 WLTL046100 WLTL195070 WLTL196160 WLTL196161 WLTL19616C0 WLTL19616C1 WLTL198070 WLTL198072 WLTL243080 WLTL273080 WLTL273081 WLTL273082 WLTL293050 WLTL293051 WLTL293052 WLTL293060 WLTL293100 WLTL29320 WLTL29321 WLTL29322 WLTL295080 WLTL295100 WLTL296060 WLTL296061 WLTL296063 WLTL296064 WLTL296066 WLTL296067 WLTL296068 WLTL296069 WLTL296090 WLTL296091 WLTL296092 WLTL296093 WLTL296094 WLTL296098 WLTL296099 WLTL2960910 WLTL2960911 WLTL2960912 WLTL2960913 WLTL2960914 WLTL2960915 ,WLTL2960917 WLTL2960918 WLTL2960919 WLTL296130 WLTL296131 WLTL296132 WLTL296150 WLTL296151 WLTL296152 WLTL296153 WLTL296155 WLTL296156 WLTL296158 WLTL296159 WLTL2961510 WLTL2961514 WLTL296170 WLTL296172 WLTL296173 WLTL296175 WLTL297120 WLTL297121 WLTL297123 WLTL297124 WLTL297125 WLTL297126 WLTL297127 WLTL297128 WLTL298160 WLTL298161 WLTL298163 WLTL298164 WLTL298166 WLTL298167 WLTL298169 WLTL2981610 WLTL299110 WLTL30040 WLTL313120 WLTL313121 WLTL313122 WLTL349130 WLTL35520 WLTL35530 WLTL373080 WLTL373081 WLTL373090 WLTL393120 WLTL39320 WLTL39321 WLTL39325 WLTL399070 WLTL399080 WLTL45312 WLTL493040 WLTL499070 WLTL50040 WLTL50041 WLTL50042 WLTL70040 WLTL70041 WLTL82540 WLTL82541 WLTL82542 WLTL83540 WLTL83541 WLTL83542 WLTL83543 WLTL84540 WLTL84541 WLTL84542 WLTL84543 WLTL84544 WLTL86540 WLTL86541 WLTL86542 WLTL95540 WLTL95541 WLTL97540 WLTL97541 WLTL97542 WL102220 WL200020 WL200021 WL205010 WL230010 WL230011 WL310010 WL315020 WL318020 WL325010 WL325011 WL326020 WL328020 WL350010 WL360100 WL360500WL360501 WL360503 WL360504 WL360505 WL360900 WL361100 WL361101 WL361102 WL361103 WL361500 WL361501 WL361502 WL361503 WL361700 WL361701 WL361702 WL361703WL361704 WL361800 WL361801 WL361802 WL361900 WL361901 WL361902 WL361903 WL401520 WL401521 WL401522 WL401523 WL402020 WL402021 WL420020 WL420021 WL420022WL425010 WL425011 WL425012 WL425013 WL445010 WL460020 WL460021 WL475010 WL485010 WL505020 WL505021 WL820030 WL820031 WL820032 WL820033 WL820034 WL825030WL825031 WL825032 WL830030 WL830031 WL830032 WL830033 WL830034 WL840030 WL840031 WL840032 WL850030 WL850031 WL890030 WL890031 WL890032 WL890033 WL950030WL950031 WL950032 WL960030 WL960031 WL970030 WL970031 WL970032 WL970033 WL970034 WMTL31130

Additional information

Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 2 in


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